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I am Danny Bowman - Head of Research and Student Engagement at the Conservative Education Society, Research Lead at the Conservative Mental Health Group, PhD Researcher at the University of Liverpool and Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce. I have previously held the roles of Director of Mental Health and Head of Campaigns at the Parliament Street think tank.

I am passionate about mental health policy and improving outcomes for those with mental health disorders. I have worked with and advised a range of stakeholders from advisors in No.10 Downing Street to third-sector organisations on mental health and believe strongly that collaboration is the key to better mental health outcomes across the system. 

My passion has come from my own experience with a mental health disorder when I was 15. I have spoken above this on national and international platforms as a means of raising awareness. 

I hope you enjoy checking out my site and please feel free to contact me if you are interested in collaborating. 

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