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The History of the UK Conservative Party Symposium: Mental Health Policy Address.


It was brilliant to present my current research on the UK Conservative Party's contemporary mental health policy agenda. I highlighted the transformation in the party's approach to mental health over the last two decades, moving from a traditional health-based agenda towards a more holistic strategy. Certainly, the introduction of social and non-medical interventions and public health measures under May moved the Conservatives towards a prevention-focused approach in replacement of its previous treatment-centred agenda. 

Theresa May and Mental Health Policy: A Legacy Unfinished? (Book Chapter - Danny Bowman) Palgrave Macmillan. (August 2023) 

This chapter will outline how mental health has been addressed by the UK Conservative Party throughout history before highlighting the contemporary contributions of Theresa May as Home Secretary and then Prime Minister. Theresa May recognised the need to address the issue of mental health if she was to ‘build a country that worked for everyone’ and deliver for the so-called left behind. She would endeavour to do this through the construction of a modern holistic program on mental health which focused on prevention over cure. Both, the types of interventions advocated and the environments in which they were undertaken would be modernised as part of her plan. This would include the introduction of mental health taskforces in schools and colleges, prevention and promotion activities in the workplace, and the reform of the Mental Health Act. Her well-established strategy would aim to reduce the individual, social and economic costs associated with mental health. This chapter concludes that her varied success in achieving these outcomes means that her legacy remains unfinished.

Link: Theresa May and Mental Health Policy: A Legacy Unfinished? | SpringerLink

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Theresa May's Legacy on Mental Health Policy - Theresa May Legacy Book Symposium Keynote Address


University of Liverpool

 September 2022

I was delighted to give the keynote speech at the Theresa May book symposium on her legacy on mental health policy. From her work as Home Secretary policing a mental health crisis to constructing a holistic agenda as Prime Minister, I argued that May delivered on her promises. I used the statecraft framework to demonstrate how she crafted and implemented her program. 

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Political Studies Association International ​Conference 2022

University of York 

April 2022

I was delighted to present on some of my latest research on global mental health development at the PSA conference. My research focused on the outcomes of the WHO Global Mental Health Action Plan (2013-2020). 

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